Cold Storage

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Wide cool offers a wide range of prefabricated cold storages and combinational rooms .Our cold rooms are designed for special applications and special tempreture control. As per demands of various industries, we design cold storages that are widely used for chilling or freezing application. The user-friendly structure is a CFC-free refrigeration system, which facilitates efficient cooling, freezing of the chamber. Food safe and CFC free,

Dairy, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical industry, Fisheries, Hotels and Research & Development companies.
Temperature Range:-
  • Chiller = 2 to 8 deg C (or any particular requirement)
  • freezer = -18 to -30 deg C (or any particular requirement)
Insulation material:-
  • PUF ( Polyurethane foam) which is the best quality & highly heat resistant material. (Density 40+/- 2 Kg/Mtr cube)
  • Wide Temperature range and capacity
  • Pre-fabricated panels for easy assembly, cam lock with tongue and groove sections assembly.
  • Food safe and CFC free refrigerants used.
  • Micro-processor based electronic control panel board, digital temperature indicator
  • Energy efficient refrigeration systems attuned to suit high ambient conditions
Special features:-
  • Extra large Condensors provide more cooling, better C.O.P., Less power consumption
  • Tropicallized designing to perform in upto 50 deg C ambient conditions.
  • High capacity suction fans which can carry more specific heat and maintain humidity in the Cold Rooms automatically.
  • Fully automatic electric/air/Gas defrost system.
  • Extra size condensor results low head pressure which means trouble free operation in summer
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